While my background is in the Fine Arts, I currently see myself as a horticulturalist with ecological sensibilities, working with plants to create habitats that nourish the health of the planet. 

I’ve been Caretaker of the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA for the past 12 years, stewarding the buildings and grounds.
During my time at the arts center I've become motivated by the benefits our gardens can have on surrounding ecosystems and seeing their purpose as something that extends beyond home gardens to the larger web of life. Plants are the basis of a healthy web of life. Plants produce food and energy through photosynthesis that feed all organisms  including insects, which feed birds, and birds spread seeds, producing more plants, which equals future food.  

I find it endlessly exciting and deeply rewarding to design plant communities, and build eco-habitats that help nurture the cycles and stages of nature. 

I offer garden design consultancy, property stewardship, and design planning for residential or small woodlot properties. I look forward to meeting with you about your goals.

 Austin Dodson 
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